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Advanced TechnologyBFM 1015 Series include two type which are 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder diesel engines. They are produced under the license of the DEUTZ AG. The parts are becoming less just because of its integration design. The modular structure can meet various matching requirements. And the four-valve technology make the engine more powerful in power output, more stable in running, more reliability in operation, more convenient in maintenance and , more environment-friendly in emission.
High PowerBFM 1015 series generating sets adopt water-cooled diesel engine with rated speed 1500 Rpm and the highest power can be 490 kW.
Excellent Cold Start-UpBFM 1015 water-cooled diesel engine use inlet heating device which can make the engine start normally at the temperature of 35°C.
Convenient maintenanceBFM 1015 series-cooled diesel has one-cylinder one-head structure so that the parts have good universal property and convenient maintenance.
High ReliabilityBFM 1015 series of water-cooled diesel engines adopt inner oil-line and water channel structure which distinctly make the external pipes less, and reduce the potential possibilities of failures of the engine. The service life is about 1.500 hours.
BF 1015Water-Cooled Diesel Engine
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