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INTRODUCTION226B Series Diesel Engine for generating sets are manufactured by Weichai-Deutz Diesel Engine Ltd, a joint venture company of Weifang Diesel Engine Work and Deutz Company, Germany, built on Jan 15,1998.The companies corporate both in technology and manufacturing process. Deutz Company has removed all its equipment technology and management Weifang and produce 226B Series engine. The design annual producing capacity is 20.500 sets.
Being widely used in various kind of machinery, 226B Series Diesel Engine have endure thousands of verification. With the output range from 30 kW to 135 kW, these series diesel engine are the ideal power for engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy-duty truck, ship, generating sets, stationary power and some special machinery. More than 400.000 of 226B series are now running all over the world and have a good reputation among the entire customers.
THE MAIN CHARACTERS OF 226B SERIES226B Series Diesel Engine has the feature of compact structure, large power output, economic, good adaptability, reliability, high universality of the spare part and easy maintenance.
SMALL VOLUME AND WEIGHTComparing to diesel engine of the same power range, 226B engine will supply more free room.
HIGH RELIABILITY, GOOD ENDURANCE CAPACITYAll the moving parts, such as crankshaft, connecting rod and camshaft are made alloy. The camshaft and crankshaft also processed by high frequency hardening, the engine body is of frame structure. All the above can ensure the reliability and the endurance of the engine.
SLIGHT VIBRATION, LOW NOISE, EASY TO STARTMoving parts are distributed averagely and vibration reducer is set on the front of engine. So vibration is slightly. With a distance of 7 m from the engine, the noise 70 dB (open type) and 65 dB (sound-proof type)
EASY FOR MAINTENANCEConvenience for operation and maintenance are regarded highly during engine design. Most of the main part can universally used. Single cylinder head and humid cylinder sleeve, light spare part makes it easier for change and maintenance. More over, it can reduce the maintenance fee and time greatly.
Mechanical governorEP9 injection pump and TRSUV450-750P governor has been used to improve the governing of engine.
Fuel filterFiltering the fuel by two stages to ensure the cleaning of fuel, and the reliability and lifetime of fuel supply system has been increased.
StarterStarter by 24-V electricity, Can be started smoothly at - 5 °C.
Fuel combustion systemType multi-cylinder combined injection pump and closed multi-hole injector have been used in combustion system. Two-pole fuel filter ensures the cleaning of fuel in injection pump, and increases the lifetime of injection pump.
P –typeSmall pressure chamber Euroasian extrusive and grinding injector has been used to improve the quality of atomization.
Air filterAir filter ensure the cleaning of intaking air, enlarged applicating field of diesel engine and increased the lifetime of generating set.
Cooling systemClosed circulation, forced water cooling. Large-flux pump have improved the cooling capability of diesel engine and ensured the request of hot balance while the engine is working.
SilencerDecreased the noise of generating set to fit the request of environmental protection.
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