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Seawater pumpImpeller shaft or seawater pump is made of stainless steel, impeller and sealing ring are mode of brass that is eroding-resistant and can prolong their life greatly. In addition ti this, there are other kinds of seawater pumps and double-suck seawater pumps that have more rates of flow and hanger lift for customer.
Weichai Deutz Engine Co, Ltd. Is a joint venture founded by Weichai and Deutz Corporation of Germany in a way that each side offer 50% of the whole investment. It is the only enterprise in China that is authorized by Deutz Corporation. 226B Series marine engine (38 kW – 150 kW) is one of the products that are manufactured by the joint venture. By constantly perfecting the service system, Weichai has established the largest service network in China and has come up with a whole set of power solution, from product development to production as well as from sales to maintenance service.Deutz 226B series engine is a modified model, which is developed, according to relevant national standard and ship regulation, through making improvement on the combustion system, intake and exhaust system, cooling system, PTO system and engine monitoring system on the basis of assimilating foreign advance technology and retaining the internal structure and main components of original Deutz engine. This model boats wide power and speed range, small size ad weight, impact structure, reliable operation, advance economic and technical targets as well as convenient installation. It is mainly use as the main engine or the auxiliary engine of the ship.
Apparatus monitoring system226B series marine enige equips with the advanced YD901 or YD 908 series diesel engine monitor. The monitors are all PC controlled. The car measure and display automatically the diesel engine speed cooling water temperature, oil temperature and speed, cooling water temperature.
Intake and exhaust systemThe intake and exhaust system has been improved to adapt the special circumstance for ship to haul fishnet.Structure I: the surface of the exhaust pipe and turbochargers smeared with special warm-proof by special technology, which has lowered the temperature in the engine room. Steel cover is added to exhaust pipe to prevent people from scalding by the protruding tighten bolts.Structure II: specialized exhaust pipe is designed for marine diesel engine. The exhaust pipe is cooled by sea water through sea water fresh water exchanger or inner-cooled. This structure can reduce the surface temperature of exhaust pipe to below 60°C.
Fresh water cooling systemThe type of cooling system is still closed and compelled cooling. According to the circumstance (tropics, semi-tropics, temperate-zone and etc) People can choose 55°C, 75°C and 85°C, temperature controller or no temperature controller and let the cooling water flow into the big circulation directly. This can keep the cooling water at about 80°C after the circulation. Cooling pipes of the seawater-freshwater exchanger are made of brass pipe, and its cooling core is assembled by the advanced expanding-connection technology
Fuel systemFuel system has adopted the “A” type injection pump and closed multi hole nozzle. First grade fuel filter is supplement before the original fuel filter, which has guaranteed the fuel clearness and prolonged the life of injection pump.
Crankshaft front end outputPower output from the front can meet the needs of driving the seawater pump. Fish net elevator and other appliance. And there are many kind of belt wheel given for the choice.
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