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These are the characteristics is the 912:Air-cooled 3, 4, and 6 cylinders naturally aspirated in-line engines.Unit construction system with single cylinder arrangement and maximum parts commonality.Advanced injection and Combustion systems.Electronic governor ( option ).Compact power unit with low weight.Only a few servicing points.Tried and tested worldwide: more than 2.7 million engines in operation.
Your benefits:• Exemplary low fuel and oil consumption as well as long maintenance intervals and ease of service save operating cost.• Low noise radiation. This eliminates the need for costly noise attenuation measures.• Excellence smooth –running characteristic thanks to low engine vibrator.• Incomparably low exhaust emissions, current exhaust emissions regulations are easily fulfilled.
Engine type A B C F3L 912 589 679 796F4L 912 719 679 796F5L 912 866 679 833F6L 912 996 679 806
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