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PowerKit by Moteurs BaudouinHeritageSince 1918, Moteurs Baudouin has manufactured the highest quality engines for marine and power generation applications. In the hostile environment of a marine operator, reliability and durability are paramount. It’s from this marine heritage that Baudouin has a reputation for quality, serviceability, adaptability and reliability.Power RangeOur full range of PowerKit products spans 30 to 1400 kVA typical generator output, and our range will soon be expanded to 3000 kVA. PowerKit products include the engine, cooling system and air cleaner.Design Optimized for ServiceMarine is our DNA. Easy, fast and cost-effective maintenance and servicing are imperative in the marine industry. Our engines include that marine heritage in the design. All of our serviceable parts are co-located and easy to acces.Silahkan hubungi kami untuk informasi produk Baudouin !
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