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MOUNTING ARRANGEMENTSet of engine and alternator coupled directly by means of a flexible disk and mounted on a fabricated all welded steel construction base skid frame with anti vibration mounting, which ensures a vibration free standing of the generating set.ENGINEMulti cylinder, four stroke cycle, water-cooled compression ignition type. Complete with replaceable air, fuel and oil filters, electric starter motors, charging alternator, coolant circulation pump, lube oil circulation pump.
MONITORING (2000/4000 SERIES)Integrated electronic engine management control system, beside engine speed lube oil pressure, lube oil temperature, coolant temperature, coolant level, coolant preheating temperature, including automatic warning and shutdown device interface for display (0-10VDC).GOVERNORIn line injection pump with mechanical speed governor (183 series). Unit electronic fuel injection pumps (2000 series) and common rail injection system (4000 series) with electronic digital MDEC governor with integrated start fuel limitation.RADIATORIntegral with engine driven pusher fan either temperate or tropical duty depending on sites condition (183 and 2000 series). Set mounted electric driven radiator (4000 series).ALTERNATORThe engine is close coupled through flange adaptor mating surfaces to a brushless self exciting and self regulating drip proof alternator. Torsion vibration in this mono-block unit is minimized by a flexible disc coupling between the engine flywheel and the rotor. Each alternator is built in accordance with BS 5000 and screen protected with class "H" insulation. Under full load, regulation is maintained within the limits of at least +/- 1.5%. Leroy Somer, Stamford, Gramaco Alternator is the favorable choice & accepted by government projects.TESTING AND QUALITY CONTROLAll WDJ equipment is fully load tested at our factory and all control, indication and automatic functions are checked before dispatch. Quality Assurance procedures at all stages of assembly and subsequent final inspection and dispatch ensure that only a first class product reaches our customers.OPTIONAL ACCESSORIESWDJ can design and supply fully automatic systems to cover main failure, phase losses and voltage drops. These can he combined with manual and auto parallel systems to customer specification. A full range of weather protecting and sound reducing canopies are available for use in noise sensitive environments.STANDARD DOCUMENTATION * Engine operation instruction * Engine parts catalogue * Engine fluids and lubrications * Engine service booklet * Alternator manual instruction * Test certificatesWARRANTYWDJ given 12 months or 2000 hours from the date of commissioning or whichever occurs first.All sets can be customized into on or off road tow able mobile units. This is of particular use within the construction industry and also applicable to rural electrification. Technical Data
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