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WP4 and WP6 series products are jointly developed by Weichai Power and Deutz Company which include the wisdom of staff of European R&D center. With adaptive development of all dimension according to characteristics of power of land based power generation, formed latest supporting power of 50kW to 150kW gen-sets; the engine have characteristics of advanced performance, compact structure, high reliability, environment protect, low noise, easy to start and strong environmental adaptability.The engine adopts gantry frame structure engine body, single cylinder head and wet cylinder liner. WP6 engine adopts second-generation engine body, and built-in engine oil cooler, increase the cooling capacity of diesel oil and reliability significantly.# Fuel system using advanced Ptype fuel injection pump, to ensure economic performance. # Engine electronic governor and mechanical speed governor in two configurations to meet a variety of customer needs. # The newly designed air filter has higher filtering efficiency, cleaner intake, more compact structure and easier replacement of filter element. # The optimization on intake and exhaust system, fuel system and turcobharger makes more fluent intake, more complete combustion, better economy and lower using cost.# Optimization of cooling piping. Suspension bracket can play the role of both vibration reduction and transport bracket which is convenient for installation. # The newly designed oil pan is of boat shape structure, which can increase the oil heat radiation area and play the role of vibration reduction.
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WP4/WP6 Power Product For Land Based Diesel Oil Power Generation
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