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* Rotor winding and insulstionThe rotor comprises a shaft, a fan, a magnet wheel carring the excitation and damper windings,the exciter rotor and the rotating rectifier unit.the magnet wheel of the generator is of the salient-pole type,with the poles and yoke in the one piece built up from stamped steel laminations,the excitation winding is made of flat copper,wound in several layars around the body of the the stator winding,the rotor is also impregnated by succesive immersions in synthetic resin and varnish,followed each time by high-temperatur curing.the structure of the winding insulation conforms to that requred for temperature class H.* Damper windingThe generator incorporate a damper winding in order to ensure good parallel running with mains network and other machines.inserted into the shoes of poles are the bars of the damper winding whitch are connected together at each end of the poles to form a closed cage. This arrangement provides the generator with excellent damping against the torsional vibration that occurs during changes in the load and when running in parallel.
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