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* Frame and core assemblyThe stator frame is of frabricated steel plate construction with mounting feet. The endshields are made of high quality cast iron. The laminated core of the main generator is built up from separate insulated laminations climped together.The finished core assembly is a press-fit in the stator frame.* Stator winding and insulationThe staotr winding is either single-layer or double-layer and uses either round-wire winding or flat-wire winding depending on the power and current ratings.The core and winding assembly is immersion-impregnated with synthetic resin prior to a first high-temperature cure. The next stage is for the whole stator to be immersed in a bath of solvent-free varnish,which is followed by another high-temperature cure.These separate stages or production impart exceptional mechanical and electrical mechanical and electrical strength to the winding.The insulation is almost totally resistant to moisture,oil vapour,contamination and corrosive sea air. The insulation system of the winding cenfroms to the requrements of temperature class H.
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