Deutz 226B Series

Deutz 226B Series Diesel Engine for generating seta are manufactured by Weichai-Deutz Diesel Engine Ltd, a joint venture company of Weifang Diesel Engine World and Deutz Company, Germany, built on Jan 15, 1998. The companies corporateboth in technology and manufacturing process. Deutz Company has removed all iya equipment technology and management to Weifang and produce 226B Series Engine. The design annual producing capacity is 20500 sets.
Being widely used on various kind of Machinery, 226B Series Diesel Engine have endured thousands of verification. With the output range from 30 kW to 135 kW, these series diesel engine are the ideal power for engineering Machinery, agricultural Machinery, heavy duty trucks, ships, generating sets, stationary power and some special Machinery. More than 400.000 of 226B Series are now running all over the world and have a good reputation among the entire customers.

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